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Crate-All, Inc.We Crate and Freight, any Size any Shape

Established in 1987, we have decades of experience building custom wooden crating and specialized packaging, including specialty containers, flat racks, and pallets, our commercial, industrial and residential customers can rely on Crate-All's expert crate and freight services for everything they need to ship anywhere they need to ship it to. We provide free, written estimates which include costs for custom crating (on-site or at our facility), insurance, packaging, shipping, pick-up and delivery.

Let our crating and packing experts ensure that your antiques, artwork, commercial equipment, estate items, furniture, glassware, cars, boats, electronics, industrial machinery, etc. have been appropriately packaged and do not run the risk of being damaged during transit. We offer eco-friendly solutions for your packaging needs. Whether you need to deliver a small shipment locally or ship items around the world, we make it quick and easy.

We Crate and Freight, any Size any Shape!
If it's not crated right, "SHIFT HAPPENS."

Custom Crating ServiceWe Crate and Freight, any Size any Shape!

We are custom crating professionals. We have the expertise and experience to handle your most difficult and challenging custom crating and packaging needs. We build state of the art shock resistant, moisture barrier crating and packaging systems for shipping your valuable artwork, antiques, electronics, furnishings, glass and glassware, laboratory equipment, valuable household items, industrial machinery, etc.

  • Custom, onsite crating services
  • Forklift and lift truck available
  • Specializing in large industrial machinery crating
  • Vacuum sealing and heat shrinking
  • Estate packing and shipping (antiques, artwork, furniture, etc.)
  • Worldwide freighting and shipping from El Paso and surrounding area
  • Door-to-door domestic crating, packaging and shipping
  • Palletizing and skidding
  • Free crating estimates and shipping quotes
  • Discounts on most shipments
  • Will beat competitor pricing
  • $1,000,000 liability insurance

No Job Too Big or Small

Whether you need to ship a single museum painting to auction, a house full of antique furniture, or a 12-ton industrial piece of equipment or a military missile Crate-All has the expertise, experience and capability to provide consistent, reliable on-time crating and packaging services.

Crate-all Equipment


Free QuoteWe will provide you a free, written estimate

Contact Crate-All today for a free, written estimate detailing our onsite custom crating and packaging services. Quotes are subject to market pricing on shipping and timelines.

Please complete the formPlease include information regarding items to be shipped


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Crate-All Inc.
6851 Secretariat Drive
El Paso, Tx 79932
Phone: 915-877-4775
Fax: 915-877-1662


GallerY A Sampling of Images of Our Work

  • Ft. Bliss Military Museum Artillery Piece Custom Crating
  • Ft. Bliss Military Target Drone Customized Crating
  • Ft. Bliss Missile Collection
  • Ft. Bliss Missile Collection Custom Skids
  • Ft. Bliss Missile Collection Custom Crating 1
  • Ft. Bliss Missile Collection Custom Crating 2
  • Ft. Bliss Missile Collection Custom Crating 3
  • Ft. Bliss Missile Collection Custom Crating 4
  • Ft. Bliss Missile Collection Custom Crating 5
  • Ft. Bliss Missile Collection Custom Crating 6
  • Ft. Bliss Missile Collection Custom Crating 7
  • Ft. Bliss Missile Collection Custom Crating 8
  • Ft. Bliss Missile Collection Custom Crating 9
  • Ft. Bliss Missile Collection Custom Crating 10
  • Ft. Bliss Missile Collection Custom Crating 11
  • Ft. Bliss Helicopter
  • Ft. Bliss Helicopter Shrink Wrap
  • Ft. Bliss Helicopter Components Custom Crated Onsite
  • Ft. Bliss Helicopter Component Custom Onsite Crate
  • Ft. Bliss Helicopter Parts Custom Onsite Crating
  • Ft. Bliss Helicopter Custom Crated and Loaded for Shipping
  • Industrial Steel Frame on Skid
  • Shrink Wrapped 60 Foot Cheese Machine
  • Plastic Wrapped 60 Foot Cheese Machine
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Industrial Machinery on Skid
  • Industrial Machinery Shrink Wrap
  • Industrial Machinery Crate
  • Industrial Machinery Crated and Loaded
  • Industrial Equipment on Pallet
  • Industrial Equipment Vacuum Seal
  • Industrial Equipment Shrink Wrap
  • Industrial Equipment Packaged on Skid
  • Industrial Equipment Crating
  • Wind Turbine Blade
  • Wind Turbine Blade Crating
  • Wind Turbine Blade Packed in Crate
  • Wind Turbine Blade Tip Crated
  • Wind Turbine Blade Crated for Shipping
  • Radar Dish
  • Radar Dish Plastic Wrapped on Skid
  • Radar Dish Crating
  • Radar Dish Crated for Shipping
  • Shrink Wrapped Trailer
  • Commercial Kitchen Equipment
  • Commercial Kitchen Equipment on Custom Skid
  • Commercial Heavy Duty Custom Crating
  • Commercial Heavy Duty Equipment Custom Crated
  • Commercial Equipment Custom Crate Loading
  • Heavy Duty Commercial Equipment Custom Crating
  • Heavy Duty Commercial Equipment Shipping
  • Commercial Equipment Crated for Safe Shipping
  • Commercial Equipment Crating for Safe Shipping
  • Vase Crated and Packaged for Transport
  • Glass Artwork Crated and Packaged for Shipping
  • Statue Crating and Packaging for Safe Transport
  • Statue Crated and Packaged for Safe Transport
  • Statue Securely Custom Crated and Packaged for Safe Shipping
  • Glassware Secure Custom Crating and Packaging
  • Glassware Securely and Expertly Crated and Packaged
  • Painting Custom Crated and Packed for Moving
  • Painting Custom Crating and Packing for Moving
  • 2010 Chevrolet Camaro Front
  • 2010 Chevrolet Camaro Side
  • 2010 Chevrolet Camaro Loaded for Shipping
  • Motorcycle on Custom Skid
  • Motorcycle Custom Crating
  • Crated Custom Motorcycle
  • Motorcycle Customized Crating for Transport
  • Motorcycle Onsite Custom Crated for Shipping
  • Motorcycle and Trailer on Custom Skid
  • Motorcycle and Trailer Custom Crating
  • Motorcycle and Trailer Custom Crated Onsite for Freight Pickup
  • Custom Crated Corona Neon Sign
  • Custom Crated Miller Genuine Draft Neon Sign
  • Custom Crated Taxidermy - Deer Head
  • Custom Crating Taxidermy - Deer Head
  • Antique Mirror Custom Crating for Moving
  • On Site Custom Crating Residential Stonework
  • Onsite Custom Crated Residential Stonework
  • Custom Crated Residential Stonework Ready for Mover
  • Custom Crated Antique Painting
  • Custom Crated Antique Painting Ready for Moving
  • Quest Velomobile Custom Bicycle
  • Quest Velomobile Custom Bicycle on Skid
  • Quest Velomobile Custom Bicycle Crating
  • Quest Velomobile Custom Bicycle Crated
  • Model Mark Twain River Boat Custom Packaging
  • Model Mark Twain River Boat Custom Packaging
  • Plastic Model Fire Boat Custom Packing
  • Plastic Model Fire Boat Packing
  • Plastic Model Steam Boat Packing for Move
  • Crate-All Truck and Trailer
  • Crate-All Trailer and Rear of Facility
  • Crate-All Facility
  • Crate-All Facility and Crating
  • Crate-All Crating Ready for Shipping


Frequently Asked Questions Common questions related to custom crating, packing and shipping

Crate-All provides custom wooden crates and crating construction and packaging services on-site or on-location at the point of pick-up or departure. Our staff of professional crating experts are ready to serve your needs in a timely and proficient manner, whether you are moving fragile valuables to your new home or to an online purchaser, museum sculptures, paintings or other pieces to their next exhibit or shipping a thirty ton factory unit to another state or country.

None. There are no size limits to what we can crate and prepare for shipping. If it can be loaded and shipped then we can crate it. No job is too big or small for Crate-All!

That is not a problem for us at Crate-All. We can come to your site or designated location and prepare a written estimate of cost. We can custom crate or package your artwork, personal items, museum piece, machinery, equipment, vehicle or other freight on-site and also arrange for pickup by the shipper. With one call to Crate-All, you won't have to worry about anything.

We can quite literally crate anything. Antiques, artwork, estate packing and shipping, furniture, grandfather clocks, heat-shrink services, museum pieces and displays, vehicles and motorcycles, commercial items and equipment, industrial machinery, laboratory equipment and tools, military items, office equipment, computers and electronics, vacuum sealing services and much, much more. If it can be transported, shipped or stored we can custom crate and package it for safe delivery across town, across state, nationally or internationally.

That is not a problem. We have a commercial forklift and can bring it to your site or location to assist in crating and loading of your item or shipment. We have an impressive mobile capability and can custom crate your items on-site in a timely and professional manner.

We can crate or package your residential or estate items and work with your moving company to ensure that your items arrive safe and sound.

That would be no problem at all. We can work directly with your shipperand crate your items on-site or on-location and have them ready for pickup by your shipper.

We also perform banding, intra-state hotshot pickup and delivery, uncrating and unpacking services, forklift rental, custom fabricate reusable crating and many other moving, shipping and transport related services.

*If you have a question not answered here please contact us and we will be happy to help you!

History of Crate-All

Crate-All started out as a part-time job for the owner, Curtis Crosier, and grew into the company itis today. With only $300 in the bank, Curtis started crating from his garage in 1987. Our business is very important to us and that makes what we do special. After decades of growth and expansion in El Paso, Texas our business has developed a strong reputation for quality and service. We are experts in crating and freighting and provide a large variety of services for those in need of personalized shipping. Crate-All is best at constructing crates and skids to fit any costumer's needs. We build the crate based on dimensions, weight, and means of shipping. This hassle-free service gives our customers peace of mind knowing that their package will arrive at its final destination in one piece.

Crate-All has an excellent record for the shipping of artwork with a reputation for providing skilled handling and professional customer service. We handle artwork from museums, galleries, artists, consultants, art collectors, antique dealers and buyers, private clients, etc. If you need to move a painting from a gallery to your home, ship a heavy or fragile sculpture or move family heirlooms, you can depend on Crate-All to provide professional and safe artwork and valuables shipping at reasonable prices.

Crate-All History